I'm using tags to do some Javascripting.

Is there any way that I can tell Craft to remove whitespace from {{ tag.name }} if the tag.name has spaces (for example 'apples and carrots'), and add dashes ('apples-and-carrots') ?


There are multiple ways to solve this:


Twigs url_encode filter:

{{ "apples and carrots"|url_encode }}
{# outputs "apples%20and%20carrots" #}

Twigs replace filter:

{{ "apples and carrots"|replace(' ', '-') }}
{# outputs "apples-and-carrots" #}


Twig PCRE Filters - Plugin:

{{ "apples and carrots"|preg_replace('/ /', '-') }}
{# outputs "apples-and-carrots" #}

Low Regex - Plugin:

{{ "apples and carrots"|regex('/ /', '-') }}
{# outputs "apples-and-carrots" #}

Slugify - Plugin:

{{ "apples and carrots"|slugify }}
{# outputs "apples-and-carrots" #}
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    If you want to handle "apples & *!@#@! carrots" then you need the slugify plugin – Marion Newlevant Jul 15 '14 at 15:31

Craft has a filter for "Kebab Case", which I think is what you need. It strips out punctuation and replaces spaces with dashes. Useful if you need to format a field as a HTML attribute.

{{ tag.name|kebab }}
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    Perfect answer. Worth noting that kebab didn't exist at the time this question was originally asked. It was added on Jun 2, 2015, when Craft 2.4.2664 was released. – Lindsey D Dec 3 '15 at 6:08

I'm not sure if this feature is newer than this question but you can also say {{ tag.slug }} to get apples-and-carrots. All letters become lowercase as well so the result is more "scripting-friendly".

  • This should be the accepted answer. – carlcs Dec 3 '15 at 7:41

one more example with array parameter in replace method:

{{ "apples and carrots"|replace({" ":"-"}) }}
{# outputs "apples-and-carrots" #}
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