I'm new to Craft CMS and can't figure out how to link images with the code below to its own page. Any suggestions?

{% for asset in entry.mainImages %}

    <a href="{# link to the image's page #}">
        <img src="{{ asset.url('thumb') }}">

{% endfor %}

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In Craft assets do not get "their own page" by default, but you can easily create them with a Dynamic Route. So go to Settings → Routes and add a new route with a number token, e.g. assets/<number> and route those URIs to a new template, e.g. assets/_entry.

With this route set up you can now link to an asset's entry page like so:

<a href="{{ url('assets/' ~ asset.id) }}">
    <img src="{{ asset.url('thumb') }}">

In your assets/_entry.html template you do now query for your asset via its ID, which is now available as a variable named "number". Use the exit tag to 404 the request in case no asset was found for the given ID.

{% set asset = craft.assets.id(number).first() %}

{% if not asset %}
    {% exit 404 %}
{% endif %}

    <img src="{{ asset.url('fullscreen') }}">
    <figcaption>{{ asset.caption }}</figcaption>

It's not clear what exactly you mean by 'its own page'

Do you want to have an entry for each image? or a twig template that displays that image?

When you access a page by default {{ entry.url }} refers to the entry of the page you are currently on.

You can link to the {{ asset.url }} but I'm not certain that is what you are trying to achieve.

Please update your question so we can help you further.


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