This may just be a 5PM Friday issue, but I'm scratching my head over here. I'm trying to associate a string of related entry id's represented by a variable with a new entry via the API. When I pass the variable, only the first one gets inserted into the DB. If I use the string they all get inserted. Here's the insert code:

 $article_countries = "1021,1047,1076,1123"; 

   'article_countries' => array(

Why is the string working where the variable isn't?


I dont think you can build arrays in PHP that way and you end up passing array(0 => '1021,1047,1076,1123') to the param.

Not shure if passing the string is supported:

'article_countries' => $article_countries

If not you could build the array like so:

'article_countries' => array_map('trim', explode(',', $article_countries))
  • Thanks, your comment was helpful for getting me on the right track this AM – kestonh Aug 24 '15 at 14:40

Thanks carlcs, your comment & fresh eyes set me on the right track this morning.

Not real sure why I was wrapping the $article_countries var in another array...

Hopefully this will help somebody else out at 5PM on a Friday...

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