namespace Craft;

class Test_FormsController extends BaseController

   protected $allowAnonymous = true;
   public $session_id;

    public function actionApply(){
        $appl_template = "1";
        $this->session_id = 15558145;
        return $this->renderTemplate("apply/step".$appl_template.".html");

    public function actionSaveDataStruct(){
        echo 'session:'.$this->session_id.'<br />';

Hi guys i'm newbie on Craft and my question is:

acctionApply loads form which will send to actionSaveDataStruct, I set a class variable $session_id on actionApply but whenever the form submitted and goes to actionSaveDataStruct, $this->session_id become null again, how do I set variable that will never reset whenever the page load?

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In addition to passing the value along through a cookie, you could also do it through PHP's session support.


craft()->httpSession->add('sessionId', '123456');


$sessionId = craft()->httpSession->get('sessionId');



You can use cookies from craft to store / retrieve and delete the session id. Craft checks if the value isn't tampered with and hashed the value.

Creating a cookie:

craft()->userSession->saveCookie('session_id', $this->session_id, $duration);

Where duration is in seconds, don't know what happens if you use 0.

For retrieving the cookie value

$sessionId = craft()->userSession->getStateCookieValue('sessionId');

If you want to delete the cookie in the final step.


Good luck!

  • If you set $duration to 0 (or just don't pass it as a parameter), it's a browser session based cookie and will expire when the browser is closed.
    – Brad Bell
    Jul 31, 2015 at 16:34
  • Also, I'd probably go through HttpRequest's cookie methods instead of UserSessionService's. The latter deals specifically with the identity cookie that Craft uses when logging in and for session management. See: yiiframework.com/wiki/152/cookie-management-in-yii and just replace Yii::app()->request with craft()->request.
    – Brad Bell
    Jul 31, 2015 at 16:48

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