I have a website with a shop section with the following URL structure: homepage/shop/category/the-product.

I would like to add a page after the category to filter between post types within that category, and I want to be able to access it through the entry type slug in the URL.

I also need to change the template to match the Entry Type.

If this is possible, how do I do it?

Thanks ahead!


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Certainly possible and simple too :)

First in the CP go to:


You'll want to set your Category URL formats and Category Template to reflect your URL scheme and desired location of your template file.

Then create an _entry template in the directory you specified above for example /categories/_entry.twig

When you head to the URL above your template will load with an entry variable that reflects whichever category you are browsing to.

In the _entry template to get all the entries related to the current category:

{% set entries = craft.entries.relatedTo( entry ) %}

(note this will default to 100 entries if you want more append .limit(101) etc. or .limit(null) to get them all.

and finally to load a layout based on the entry.type simply:

{% include ["_layouts/types/" ~ entry.type, "_layouts/types/default"] %}

where the default layout is for all entries that don't need any special layout.

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