Is there a plugin that allows to add a category via an entry page? I like how you're able to add categories in Wordpress admin right on a post page, not only via Categories section — this seems to facilitate the categorization of content by editors. It's possible that they'd rather skip the Assign a category button than do some extra work to create the required categories, and ability to enter new categories within the entry page would help to avoid that.

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At this time, I don't believe such a plugin exists.

Here's a complete listing of existing Craft plugins:


And if you'd like to submit a formal feature request for Craft, you can do so here:


It would probably make more sense to request this for Craft's core (rather than a plugin), but you could also request it specifically as a plugin:



Can you use tags maybe? I think they work kind of the same, and u're able to add new ones right in the entry.

  • I thought about it, but tags don't support parent-child relationships, and it matters in this case — these categories are to represent languages, language groups and dialects. Jul 13, 2015 at 12:29

They will add this functionality in Craft CMS 2.5. Problem solved.

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