I have read previous questions and answers about the redactor rich text editor but in this version of Craft i only found simple.json and standard.json under craft/config/redactor. I have tried with both but <div> tags are still replaced by <p>. Is there another way to add <div> into a redactor rich text field?

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You can create a new redactor config under craft/config/redactor named Simple-With-Divs.json with the following code:

    buttons: ['bold', 'italic'],
    toolbarFixed: true,
    replaceDivs: false

Now you can select Simple With Divs under the Rich Text field type.

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Adding "replaceDivs": false to the config file should prevent this.

When I add a div in code view and save the entry, the div is still there when I open the entry again. Once I remove this setting the div is gone once I re-open the entry.

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