I want to let my customer decide if they want a 2 or 3 column page so I made a radio button but now I need to show different content if they select one of them but I cant get the syntax right.

{% if entry.column.contains ('two') %}
   content here for two columns
{% endif %}

{% if entry.column.contains ('three') %}
   content here for three columns
{% endif %}

Close! You can get the selected radio button by its label (what the user sees) or the value you setup in the admin. I'm assuming you're using the value.

{% if entry.column == "two" %}
    {# show 2 column content #}
    2 columns
{% elseif entry.column == "three" %}
    {# show 3 column content #}
    3 columns

You could also try a switch statement. That gives you a way to fall back to a default option, which might be useful, and a cleaner way to check for more than a couple options (say the client wants a 3 column option with some a special sidebar that doesn't really fit):

{% switch entry.column %}

    {% case "two" %}

       {# show 2 column content #}
       {% include "layouts/_2columns.html" %}

    {% case "three" %}

       {# show 3 column content #}
       {% include "layouts/_3columns.html" %}

    {% case "threespecialsidebar" %}

       {# show 3 column content #}
       {% include "layouts/_3column_sidebar.html" %}

   {% case "default" %}

      {# default to a 1 column layout #}
      {% include "layouts/_default.html" %}

{% endswitch %}

To keep yourself sane, in the switch example, also consider using a include which will bring in a corresponding layout file, depending on which layout you want. (A stray div for example will drive you crazy.... consider putting your markup in separate files.)

One last thing: from a client standpoint, depending on what you're doing, an entry type might be a better way to handle multiple layouts or if there needs to be additional options/fields in a certain layout. (In that case, use entry.type instead of entry.column but the rest of the syntax posted above would be exactly the same).

  • Thank you this worked had the feeling I was close but ended up just going try and error coding and still ended up with nothing Thank you so much! Jul 6 '15 at 14:31
  • +1 for entry types. It's better to just specify fields to enter content without things like "1/2/3 columns" options. Layouts can change in the future while content usually stays the same. In other words: don't dictate layout in the CP.
    – user155
    Jul 6 '15 at 14:35

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