I'm writing a plugin which has a hook like:

craft()->templates->hook('myHook', function(&$context)
    return array('hello', 'there');

While I can call it in a template with:

{% hook myHook %}

I get an "Array to string conversion", understandably. But I can't work out how to treat the returned data like an array. How can I use hook 'myHook' in a for loop, or set it to a variable? It must be simple, but I've exhausted my random attempts.

  • I'm now thinking maybe I should be using a Variable for this instead. I'm not sure what the pros/cons are of either method. Jun 26 '15 at 13:16

Template hooks are useful if you need to change the current twig context array somewhere inside of a template. If you make any changes to $context inside of your hook's function, those changes will be available after your hook tag.

If you just need to return some text or an array, a variable will do the trick just fine!

  • Gotcha, thanks Aaron. Yes, variables seem to do the trick and be a much better solution. It wasn't quite clear from things I've read what the purpose of hooks were, and I went up the wrong path. Jun 26 '15 at 14:34

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