I have a Plain Text field used for product names. Some of these product names have a Registration Mark or a Trademark, which needs to be formatted within a superscript.

Here is code within my template:

{{ product.name | replace({'®': '<sup>®</sup>' }) }}

Which publishes this:

Acme ABC Widget<sup>®</sup>

When what I really want to achieve is this:

Acme ABC Widget®

Does Craft persistently render Plain Text fields as raw text? I was hoping Twig filters could extend the use of Craft's Plain Text field.

My preference is to continue using the Plain Text field to avoid additional formatting breaking the layout.

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You can use the raw Twig filter. Try this:

{{ product.name | replace({'®': '<sup>®</sup>' })|raw }}

You wanna escape the product name before replacing.

{{ product.name|escape|replace({'®': '<sup>®</sup>'})|raw }}

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