From a template or a plugin, how can I get the value of admin/Settings/System Email Address ? Thanks for your help Nicolas

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You can get this in a template like so:

{# returns an array of your email settings #}
{% set settings = craft.systemSettings.email %}

{# returns the email address #}
{{ settings.emailAddress }}

And in a plugin you can do:

craft()->systemSettings->getSetting('email', 'emailAddress')

In craft 3 it appears you can access it by doing the following:

{{ craft.systemSettings.email.fromEmail }}


The craft.systemSettings variable was been deprecated as of Craft 3.1.0. Here's how to do it in Craft 3.1.0+:

{{ craft.app.projectConfig.get('email').fromEmail }}

Other email settings such as replyToEmail and fromName are also available via craft.app.projectConfig.get('email').

Alternatively, email settings can be accessed via the App helper class:

{% set appHelper = create('craft\\helpers\\App') %}
{{ appHelper.mailSettings.fromEmail }}

Or in PHP:

$fromEmail = App::mailSettings()->fromEmail;

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