I have a {{ siteURL }} tag inside a matrix plain text field. But it does only render as a tag and isn't beeing converted to the actual url.

Accoring to this post one way is to use reference tags.

So I write inside the matrix plain text field: { globalset:siteUrl } and in the template I write:

{% for block in siteDropdown.matrixDropdown %}
     <a href="{{ block.cellLink|parseRefs|raw }}">{{ block.cellLinkTitle }}</a>
{% endfor %}

But this does nothing but print the tag itself. What am I missing?


You'll need to use the global set's element ID as the reference part (second segment) of the reference tag:


To find the global set's ID, go to CP -> Settings -> Globals. The URL to the global set will have the ID as the last segment (e.g. http://yoursite.craft.dev/admin/settings/globals/51)

Also, see the this SE thread for a little more info: How can I use a reference tag with a global set using the handle (not the ID)

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