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Top new questions this week:

Redirect to Craft CMS Website Results in 403 "Request forbidden by administrative rules"

My Setup I added a stripe checkout redirect from my craft website using Stripe Checkout so I can accept payments from customers using payments handled by stripe. In simple, I use AJAX on the frontend ...

craft3 error redirect stripe  
asked by Gavin 1 vote
answered by Gavin 1 vote

Unable to find the template

I know this question has been asked multiple times. I have read all the post on this topic, and craft's docs. But still, I haven't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I would really appreciate a hand ...

templating modules  
asked by mauricio 1 vote
answered by MoritzLost 2 votes

How do I renew Craft CMS license?

When I go to Updates in my home Dashboard, I see there are "5 updates available!" I click "Go to Updates" and a big orange ribbon pops up that reads: Your license has expired! ...

plugin-development config license  
asked by Rachel Bonnette 1 vote
answered by Andy 1 vote

Newbie: Migrating Craft website to new host questions

I've no experience of Craft but do have 'historic' (pre Gutenberg) experience of front-end Wordpress. From the Dashboard they seem very different. Am investigating migrating to new host as we are ...

migration license hosting manual-updates  
asked by JayWhyPea 1 vote
answered by MoritzLost 1 vote

Moving a site to a new group

Got a question regarding site groups and more specifically about the possible data loss. Scenario is as follows: I have a site A and site B in the same group. Client now wants both sites available in ...

localization multi-site  
asked by erwinheiser 1 vote
answered by Jérôme Coupé 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Variable variables in Twig

I'd like to create a variable from another variable. What I got right now is something like this: {% set language = fr %} {% if language == "en" %} {% set fooAddress = en_foobar.globalAddress %} ...

templating php variable set  
asked by Stefan Friedrich 3 votes
answered by Brad Bell 3 votes

How to write a simple navigation?

After endless trial and error I figured out the right syntax for a simple one level navigation. {% set navi = craft.entries.section('not projekteintrag' ) %} {% for entry in navi.order('id asc') %} ...

templating navigation singles  
asked by KSPR 17 votes
answered by Keith Mancuso 18 votes

301 Redirects Appends ?p=original/url/path - how can I remove?

Whether I'm using the Reroute plugin or plugging it in .htaccess, changing the path elsewhere appends the query in the end. How can I remove? Redirect 301 /blog/category /blog/archive Is the line I ...

url redirect redirection  
asked by lealea 17 votes
answered by Anna_MediaGirl 20 votes

Can I set a JS variable to a Twig output tag?

This came out of a previous question I need to set a variable of a tag group that I can reference in jquery for use with a plugin. I'm declaring this variable in a tag so my included js files can ...

variable javascript jquery  
asked by Andrea Hall 2 votes
answered by Lindsey D 4 votes

Is it possible to break out of a loop in twig?

Is it possible to break out of a loop in twig? If it is, how would I do it?

templating forloop  
asked by nicael 9 votes
answered by Brandon Kelly 8 votes

Is there a way to check if a value exists in an array in twig?

Done some searching on this but can't quite find what I'm looking for. Most threads are regarding keys. I want to know if there is a way to test if a value exists in a twig array. It should be able ...

templating array  
asked by Lettie 5 votes
answered by Jamie Pittock 8 votes

composer update missing zip extension (ext-zip) on MacOS

When doing a composer update in a Craft project on MacOS Catalina, I suddenly get the following error: ***** requires ext-zip * -> the requested PHP extension zip is missing from your system. Any ...

craft3 composer zip  
asked by Matthias Redl-Mann 2 votes
answered by Matthias Redl-Mann 4 votes
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