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Top new questions this week:

How can I write a PHP script to zip and download an Assets subfolder?

I've searched everywhere but can't seem to get a straight answer. I want to write a php script to zip and download an entire subfolder in my assets directory. The subfolders are named based on a ...

plugin-development craft3 plugins php  
asked by JJefferyDev 2 votes
answered by andrew.welch 2 votes

How to change the day of the week?

Good day! I display the day of the week on the site {{ now|date("l") }} How to change for example Monday to Mondays (on Mondays)? Thanks in advance :)

datetime postdate  
asked by paveell 1 vote
answered by foamcow 1 vote

Lingering artifacts of deleted Sprout Forms plugin causing queue failure for updating search indexes

I noticed I had a task failure notification that I couldn't clear in my Craft 3 cp for updating search indexes. Found this in queue.log: 2020-01-15 20:02:44 ...

plugins plugin-sproutforms  
asked by Sapphireblue 1 vote
answered by Sapphireblue 2 votes

Multiple Entry Types on GraphQL Fragment

So I am building out a Gatsby Site, which is using Craft in Headless mode as it's content source. In one Section, I have three entry types. Currently they have identical fields, but may diverge in the ...

craft3 graphql  
asked by David Beesley 1 vote

Number field when empty and value=0

Is there a way to differentiate the number field value empty and 0? I would like to display this field only when there's a value in the field even though the value is 0. But when I input 0 into ...

field fieldtypes number  
asked by user3210439 1 vote
answered by Brad Bell 1 vote

Sprout Forms: empty phone field still shows error "Phone is invalid. Example format: (506) 234-5678"

Running Craft CMS 3.3.20 and Sprout Forms Pro 3.6.8 form has Phone field submit form with no value in Phone field form reloads with error message "Phone is invalid. Example format: (506) 234-5678" ...

asked by Amanda Lutz 1 vote
answered by Ben Parizek 2 votes

Get a hash’s key name

This is possibly more of a Twig thing, but if I have a hash… {% set hash = { "key": "value" } %} How can I output the key name? {% for value in hash %} <span class="{{ key }}">{{ ...

asked by Jonathan Schofield 1 vote
answered by Brad Bell 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I check on the value of a template variable?

If I'm used to PHP's var_dump() and print_r() to check the value of a variable, how can I evolve to inspect things in Craft where Twig's dump isn't available?

templating debugging  
asked by Matt Stein 19 votes
answered by Iain Urquhart 13 votes

How to return a specific entry?

Hopefully this is a simple question but I couldn't find a clear answer anywhere - I just want to be able to pull in data from a specific entry, where I know the identifier. In this particular case, ...

entries sections  
asked by pumkincreative 15 votes
answered by Victor In 28 votes

How to output a field as raw HTML?

I have a field in a matrix block that is used for video embed codes. I want to output the contents of that field directly as HTML. However, it always seems to get entity-encoded (ie. the < and > ...

templating filter escaping  
asked by Nick F 12 votes
answered by Nick F 7 votes

Craft CLI RC1 Connectivity Issues with MAMP Pro

I've been trying to run the new Craft CLI for the last couple of versions without any success. I figured maybe since we weren't at RC1 yet that it wasn't fully working. After seeing Ryan's video about ...

craft3 installation mysql cli  
asked by Tim Knight 7 votes
answered by Tim Knight 13 votes

Craft constantly logging out from admin area

While working in the Craft admin area, on a fresh install, I get logged out every once in a while. It makes the CMS unusable. I have tried: Clearing cookies Resetting the cache in the backend ...

asked by Jason D 18 votes
answered by Jason D 27 votes

Can I disable template caching for local development?

Can I disable template caching for local development? For example: setting a environmentVariable in a config file? Or is this possible in the future?

templating cache multi-environment  
asked by sneeky 11 votes
answered by carlcs 17 votes

Carbon 1 is deprecated - migrate to Carbon 2

Is anyone getting this when running a composer update command? Local install: Craft CMS 3.1.31 update --no-interaction --ansi  Loading composer repositories with package information  Updating ...

asked by Nutmeg 5 votes
answered by Alban Jubert 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Freeform: Change field conditions between multi-page forms

I'm trying to only show some fields on Page 2, if a condition from a <select> box is met on Page 1. However, when I add Field Rules, I only have access to fields from the same page of the form. ...

craft3 plugin-freeform freeform  
asked by OneMohrTime 1 vote

Error sending email: Process could not be started [The system cannot find the path specified. craft cms

I'm testing my email and I'm seeing the following error in the web logs: "Error sending email: Process could not be started [The system cannot find the path specified. craft cms" Does anyone ...

error-message configuration error-handling  
asked by jerry 1 vote
answered by Brad Bell 0 votes

How can I search for Craft Commerce orders with a specific product?

Is it possible to narrow the order query from the default order listview in the CP from Craft Commerce? Because I’ll want to show all orders with a specific product so I can export them.

asked by Maarten Heideman 1 vote
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