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I'm unable to upload the favicon.ico thought Craft because it says:

Upload failed for favicon.ico. The error message was: ”Error uploading the file: This file type is not allowed“

  1. Why does that restriction exists? I just couldn't find a list of forbidden files.
  2. Can I change that restriction?

I know I can use a FTP client to put the file in the folder, but since I'm doing this site for a friend I just wanted to leave her an easy way of managing the icon.

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1) It's not allowed because it's currently not in the allowedFileExtensions config setting.

2) Just add 'ico' to the extraAllowedFileExtensions config setting and you'll be able to upload .ico file.

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I forgot to check the config file, thanks! – Jordan Cortes Jul 7 '14 at 17:01

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