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I upgraded to Craft 2.1 and there is no Preview Button visible.

It must have something to do with the configuration I created for the different sections because when I use the same craft installation with a clean database the preview button is visible.

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For the Live Preview button to show up, two criteria must be met:

  • Your section’s “Entries in this section have their own URLs” setting must be checked
  • Your section’s “Entry Template” setting must be set to a valid template path

Make sure both of those are set correctly, and the Live Preview button will show up.

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Have you specified a template to use under that section's settings? If you didn't, the Live Preview button won't show.

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I just had the same issue of the Live Preview button not displaying. I followed the instructions from Brandon and Brad and still did not see the live preview button. It was not till that I created the template in the template directory that the live preview button appeared.

I am using Craft Pro 2.5.2759, installed on my local machine with MAMP.

I hope this helps others coming to this page with the same issue.

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This is of course expected behaviour with Craft and is completely un-dependant on the version of Craft or using MAMP. How can Craft create a live preview of a page that doesn't have a template? How would it know what fields to use, how would it know where to put those fields, what would the fields look like? ☺ – Jamie Wade Jan 20 at 16:53
I just assumed that CraftCMS would have thrown a 404 error or something. Usually, as I create channels I also create templates but today I was setting up a test site and skipped setting up templates. I thought Craft was broken after updating since I have always seen the Live Preview button. I like the fact that the button does not appear till everything is setup for the live preview feature to properly work. – johnHoysa Jan 21 at 0:55

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