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Is there a tuple data structure in Twig? If there is, how do you create one?

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Do you mean tuple or ternary operator ( – Brad Bell Jun 27 '14 at 8:37
@Brad I mean tuple (first :) ) – nicael Jun 27 '14 at 8:38
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None that I'm aware of. Since Twig ultimately gets compiled down to PHP and PHP doesn't have first-class citizen support for tuples, you're limited there. You can quasi-fake them with arrays and the list function, but I don't think there is a Twig equivalent for list.

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No tuples per se. You can use arrays:

{% set a = ['a', 'b'] %}
{{ a[0] }}

You can use objects:

{% set o = {'first': 'a', 'second': 'b'} %}
{{ o.first }} or {{ attribute(o, 'first') }}

merge is very useful for constructing arrays and objects:

{% set a = a | merge(['c']) %}
{% set o = o | merge({'third': 'c'}) %}
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