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I'm trying to edit the Contact Form plugin to copy the email to another address.

Looking in apps/models/EmailModel.php I see this for CC:

'cc' => array(AttributeType::Mixed);

Looking in apps/services/EmailService.php I see this:

// Add any CC's
if (!empty($emailModel->cc))
    foreach ($emailModel->cc as $cc)
        if (!empty($cc['email']))
            $ccEmail = $cc['email'];

            $ccName = !empty($cc['name']) ? $cc['name'] : '';
            $email->addCC($ccEmail, $ccName);

So, it looks like 'cc' needs to be array? I tried it without it being an array and I get an invalid foreach error. At the moment, I've added this line to ContactFormService.php (after line 45):

$email->cc = array('email' => '');

I've also tried this:

$email->cc = array('email' => '', 'name' => 'My Name');

The problem: The email is not being CC'd and I'm not getting any errors. Anyone?

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From that code snippet, it looks like you're needing nested arrays. Try setting your $email->cc property like this.

$email->cc = array(
    array('name' => 'Your Name', 'email' => '')

The code snippet is iterating over $email->cc as $cc as the first array, then going into cc['name'] and cc['email'] as a nested array.

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Perfect. Thanks. – Clive Portman Jun 21 '14 at 13:45

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