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Anyone here who can provide a working sample of how to create several fields and groups using a plugin? It don't need to be fancy, nothing new, just re use the stuff thats built-in and it need to work somehow so I can extend it from there.

Is there something to consider if I create for example some profile fields for the Users Group? Or lets say I want a job portal and have field set name "job profile" which contains fields for job description, location, skills, ...

I feel a bit ashamed asking for such a comprehensive "task" but as I am not really a developer a lot things I am doing is hoping my try & error attempts succeed (sometime). Having said that, I am a real pro in destroying any environment to the ground and finding bugs but I am also very experienced in installing and configuring servers and apps - guess why this is...

This is the reason why I need to be able to create my playground as fast as possible and no, I don't want to copy/paste files, I want to learn extending the system.

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You can look at Craft's own InstallController and InstallService to see how Craft programmatically creates the default content you see during a fresh install.

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thanks Brad, once again :) – frank Sep 13 '14 at 9:22

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