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I want to create a basic Craft installation that I can use as my starting point. I don't want to just start with the Craft download, because there is a lot of common setup I don't want to repeat every time.

My problem is making sure I properly pay Pixel & Tonic for a new license each time I need one.

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Relevant link:

But the TLDR is that purchases are tied to your craft/config/license.key file and the purchase will follow that file wherever it goes.

So as long as your replication script ignores that file, you'll get a fresh one tied to Craft Personal Edition the first time that Craft sees it's has an internet connection and you can make a new purchase.

Additionally, and regardless of edition, Craft will tie the license.key file to a domain when it thinks it's being run on a "public" domain. Here is how we determine what is public.

Even if Craft gets that wrong (maybe you develop on public staging, but the site will ultimately be on a public and Craft ties the license.key file to the staging, the worst that will happen is that when you deploy the license.key file to, you'll get a alert in the control panel saying something to the affect of:

"This license.key file is already in use on Would you like to transfer it to"

None of the site's functionality will be affected.

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so a .gitignore of craft/config/license.key is all I need. Cool! – Marion Newlevant Aug 12 '14 at 18:48

Take a look at Jake Chapman's Craft CMS - Boilerplate on GitHub. You simply copy or clone your Craft boilerplate for each new project, and then add a newly downloaded craft/app/ folder (wich is already on the latest Craft version) with a new license.key file to it.

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I have a similar issue, I have copied an existing site, started on the development. Now I'm at a point where I want to pay for a new license for the site. How do I do that, I'm thinking the best approach might be to setup a new site and buy a license for that and then copy the license file into my existing site.

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@bradbell will know for sure, but I think what you can do is just delete the license.key file from your site copy, and Craft will know to charge you for a new license. – Marion Newlevant Sep 8 '14 at 23:50
yeah that worked thanks, at first it didn't it seemed to still think it was the old license, after restarting the site a couple of times it's worked out it doesn't have a license and I can buy a full license – Andrew Wisener Sep 8 '14 at 23:51

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