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If I have a section called 'blog', and its handle is 'blog', and it's a Channel, all of the entries appear under http://mysite.com/blog/{slug} - which is great; but how would I create a page at mysite.dev/blog which is editable in the CMS, with its own fields? I'd like to do this so I can have a CMS editable introduction to the blog section, rather than having to hard-code an introduction into the template that would then list the latest X blog posts.

I can't create a Single called 'blog' because that handle is already taken by the Section itself, so how would I go about this? I'd considered using a Global, but that seems a bit off (it's not global content, it's a singular page's content) not to mention repetative/non-DRY if I had multiple sections to do similar things with, or if there were multiple fields I wanted applying on the overview/landing page. Is there a neater solution?

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Create a Single called "Blog Overview" and set its URI to "blog" and its "Entry Template" to "blog/index" (your blog listing template).

Then just override the title to "Blog" either by hard coding it in the index template, using an "title override" field, not showing its title etc.

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Or, you could rename the Channel, and let the Single have the title "Blog" uncontested. –  Marion Newlevant Jul 21 '14 at 18:39
Ah! So treat a Channel as 'Blog Entries' and the overview page Single as 'Blog', then set the channel URLs to be /blog/{slug} while the overview single is /blog - Ok that makes sense! Thank you both :) –  Matt Wilcox Jul 21 '14 at 18:48

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